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About Us

About us

Welcome to CMPRC

Condensed Matter Physics Research Center (CMPRC), is a research center established to work for the development and promotion of science and technology (S&T) in Western Nepal with special focus on materials science and engineering. This center was formed in Butwal in 2010 which was successfully registered in 2011.


Condensed Matter Physics Research Center (CMPRC), act as multidisciplinary scientific researches which will combine material science with technology and other inter-disciplinary areas including Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Engineering.
Condensed Matter explores the macroscopic (extending to universe) as well as microscopic (extending to fermions) property of matters encompassing almost all fields of science.. At present, this center is proposed to work on condensed material research linked to eight thematic areas:

  • Materials science
  • Disordered systems
  • Nanoscale physics
  • Strongly correlated systems
  • Superconductivity
  • Topology


Condensed Matter Physics Research Center (CMPRC), Butwal has started functioning from November, 2010. Its vision is to develop and apply cutting-edge theoretical and computational methods and the best available computing resources in solving the problems related to the selection of suitable materials and devices for various technological applications. The center’s focus at present is in condensed-matter, materials physics/chemistry and specifically on nano materials and nano devices. This includes modeling and simulation of wide variety of materials, and their properties, ranging from novel half-metals, topological insulators, semiconductors desirable for spintronic applications. CMPRC-Butwal has build national as well as international collaborations for joint research activities on materials modeling and characterization with the kind support from various scientist in Nepal, and abroad. Recently, new materials are synthesized in collaboration with the international group in Japan and India. .


NCCR, an independent think-tank institution, fulfils its vision by working in partnership with a broad range of actors (research institutions, universities and likeminded organizations & individuals) to provide independent, evidence-based analysis and research findings to contemporary issues affecting lives and livelihoods of people of Nepal and beyond.


CMPRC Objectives are

  • To develop strategy for research and scholarship and to formulate a policy for research capability
  • To monitor, evaluate and audit the research activities and to implement effective research.
  • To provide good research platform for the Masters and PhD students.
  • To support M. Sc. Students for their thesis works in collaboration with the universities in Nepal.
  • To guide PhD scholars for their doctoral program in collaboration with the universities in Nepal and abroad.
  • To tie-up with the universities, research institute as well as the Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal.
  • To conduct research and promote different aspects of science and technology on priority basis.


Enriched by its vision, the institution aims to:

  • Development of research capability commensurate with National and International levels of excellence.
  • Practice, production and appropriate dissemination of an increasing quantity of high quality scientific research.
  • The development of a local, national and international profile as a centre for research.
  • The maintenance and development of internal and external research funding.
  • The enhancement and development of individual staff as researchers, scholars and professional practitioners
  • The integration of research with the other national and international agencies.
CMPRC Members

Our Members

Assoc. Prof. Lakshmi Nath Bhattari
Butwal Multiple Campus Butwal, Nepal
Mr. Prakash Ghimire
Butwal Multiple Campus
Butwal, Nepal
Prof Dr. Ananta Panthi
Butwal Multiple Campus
Butwal, Nepal
Mr. Kamal Khanal
Secretary, HURPES
Mr. Shalika Ram Bhandari
Bhairahawa Multiple Campus
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gopi Chandra Kafle
Central Department of Physics
TU, Kirtipur
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krishna Sharma
Butwal Multiple Campus